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Taylor Brown, left, and Rachel King at the Graduate Diversity and Inclusion Welcome Reception in September. New group supports first-generation and low-income students

As a former first-generation undergraduate, doctoral student Taylor Brown was happy to see an undergraduate organization, First Generation Student Union, existed at Cornell. She quickly realized, however, that graduate students needed a similar…

Keith Taylor, professor of Asian Studies Professor’s Vietnam War service determined his life’s path

More than 50 years after he enlisted, Taylor said Veterans Day has taken on a personal meaning for him. That’s in part because his son, now an adult, always sends him a message; it’s also become an opportunity to reflect.

William LaRose speaking at a podium. Student Spotlight: William LaRose

Will LaRose is a master’s candidate in public administration with a concentration in public and non-profit management. He comes to Cornell after having served four years in the Army, and is currently serving with the New York National Guard while…

Upcoming Events

The Other Side of The Tracks: Discrimination and Social Mobility in the Railroad Industry

Kheel Center, Catherwood Library, Ives Hall

"The Other Side of the Tracks” traces the historic struggles and successes of African American and women railroad workers in the twentieth century. This Kheel Center exhibit is on display in…

Voices on Goodness, Gratitude & Belonging

Tatkon Center for First-Year Students

Portraits and words of the Cornell community captured by visiting freelance photographer, peace activist, and author of two award-winning photo books from his series A Peace of My Mind, John Noltner…

Latinx Read: Book Launch Series

Goldwin Smith Hall, 258

Learn about exciting new fiction and nonfiction books: Liliana Colanzi Serrate is a Bolivian writer, editor, and journalist. She is the author of three short story collections, among them Our Dead…