With the new Cornell Academic Materials Program, the university seeks to continue its work toward a more equitable campus that supports a positive and transformative student experience.

Students in a new moral psychology class spent the semester working with local non-profits to tackle issues from migrant family justice to food insecurity to sustainable agriculture.

Researchers discovered three groups of participation tactics in women directors; warmth-based tactics, competence-based tactics and hybrid tactics.

Awards from the Mario Einaudi Center for International Studies will support faculty-led research and international events, send graduate students to research destinations around the world and connect undergraduates with in-person and virtual internships from Ecuador to Zambia and beyond.

As he accepted his Distinguished Alumni Award from Cornell Engineering on May 13, Robert F. Smith ’85 announced a new gift of $15 million for engineering student aid.

The Contribution Project’s Student Showcase on May 5 recognized nearly 100 undergraduates who each came up with an idea to change the world – with only a $400 budget. 

New Cornell psychology research highlights the power of peers to influence adolescents’ sense of belonging in diverse schools.

The founding chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha will celebrate the acquisition of two properties in Ithaca – its birthplace and its first physical chapter house – during events from May 13-15.

Medical statistics compiled and published by the British military played an important role in introducing “race” as a categorical reality, according to Professor Suman Seth.

The Anti-Racism Curriculum Committee at Weill Cornell Medicine is charged with reinvigorating the curriculum to ensure that medical students gain a firm understanding of how social, economic and policy factors influence health outcomes.