Inclusive Excellence Academy

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What is the Inclusive Excellence Academy?

Cornell University’s Inclusive Excellence Academy offers programs designed to advance an inclusive educational environment and workplace. The IEA features customized seminars designed for participants at all stages of their understanding of diversity, inclusion, and belonging. Specific seminars, prioritized based on the university’s needs, are offered each semester. Our programs incorporate personal narratives from experienced speakers that encourages participants to engage in dialogue, self-reflection, and the development of action oriented skills that foster a culture of belonging.

IEA Learning Goals

  1. Participants will develop an understanding of the business case for diversity, inclusion, and belonging.
  2. Participants will develop a deeper understanding of the lived experiences of identity groups outside of their own. 
  3. Participants will learn more about their own identities in relation to others. 
  4. Participants will learn concrete action steps they can implement in their department and/or unit to create a culture of inclusion and belonging.  


Seminar Categories


While participants may navigate the program in any way they feel works best for them, seminars in this category offer a starting point for participants who may desire more introductory content. These seminars help participants reflect on their own identities and lived experiences.

Understanding Difference

Seminars in this category invite the participants to step outside of themselves and learn more about the identities they do not hold. These seminars discuss the lived experiences of various identities in and out of the workplace.

Transformative Action

Seminars in this category focus on providing strategies participants can implement in their departments or units to establish a culture of belonging. These seminars provide a space for participants to practice these strategies and obtain immediate feedback.