Law School students and undergrads are helping clients with minor criminal histories – disproportionately people of color – review, correct and seal records that have thwarted job opportunities and held them back.

An intercampus collaboration that aims to provide digital health care tools to pregnant refugee women, who are at elevated risk for pregnancy complications but often afraid to seek medical care, has been awarded a National Academy of Medicine Catalyst Prize.

A community dinner brought together Jewish and Muslim students to bond over the common experiences of their faith, their passions and daily life at Cornell.

Students describe the new space in the Learning Strategies Center – where they can control their level of sensory input – as soothing, calming and essential.

Kristen J. Warner, an associate professor in the Department of Performing and Media Arts, says movies with predominately Black casts and zealous fanbases aren’t often considered to be a part of the cult canon, but should be.

Students are experimenting with generative artificial intelligence in everything from essay writing to computer code creation.

Social entrepreneur Heather Henyon, MBA ’03, was honored with the 2023 Cañizares Award for Distinguished Alumni in International Business and Emerging Markets.

An analysis of Fortune 500 company statements after the 2020 police killing of George Floyd finds that donations to social justice groups only conveyed allyship to Black Americans when seen as part of a long-term commitment to diversity.

The student group Women Leaders of Color hosts events open to all students and aims to increase representation of women of color in leadership positions across professions.

After his family was forced to flee a government crackdown in Turkey, Florida State University sociologist Azat Gündoğan found a "lifeline" at Cornell as an International Institute of Education’s Scholar Rescue Fund fellow.