Gatty Lecture Series: Integration, Accommodation, or Conflict: A Framework for Understanding Ethnic Politics in Southeast Asia

  • Kahin Center, 640 Stewart Ave

Part of the Ronald and Janette Gatty Lecture Series.

Amy Liu, Department of Government, University of Texas at Austin

Amy Liu (PhD Emory University; BA Smith College) is an associate professor in the Government Department and codirector of the Politics of Race and Ethnicity Lab at the University of Texas at Austin. Her research and teaching focus on the intersection of ethnic politics, language politics, and migration politics. Her first book Standardizing Diversity: The Political Economy of Language Regimes (2015, University of Pennsylvania) examines how the recognition of lingua francas can be conducive for economic growth – in Asia generally and in Southeast Asia specifically. Her second book The Language of Political Incorporation: Chinese Migrants in Europe (2021, Temple University Press) looks at the linguistic networks of Chinese migrants and the implications for engagement with local authorities in Europe. She is working on a new book project examining the diversity and representation of government cabinets. Liu is the current chair of the APSA Southeast Asian Politics Research Group, a member of the leadership board for Women in Southeast Asian Social Sciences, and on the advisory council for the Center for Taiwan Studies.

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Please note that this talk will not be held in person at the Kahin Center, and will take place on Zoom. Members of the SEAP community are welcome to come to the Kahin Center to watch the Zoom event together. To attend virtually, please register at….