Innovation Grants

The Presidential Advisors on Diversity & Equity (PADE) are pleased to announce that three Belonging at Cornell (BaC) Innovation grants were awarded in Spring 2020. These grants support a range of projects that align with university objectives of improving the Cornell experience for students, faculty, and staff, and supporting the environment of Cornell as a great place to study and work.

The exciting and innovative projects feature cross-college/unit collaboration and promise to drive sustained impact to the Cornell community. Projects include the Summit on Entrepreneurship and Equity, Sustainability, and Social Justice, held earlier this year; Story Circles: Intercultural Understanding Workshops; and Any Person, Many Stories: Histories of Exclusion and Inclusion at Cornell.

Additional criteria for winning projects included:

  1. Feature a program that enhances the experience of students, faculty and/or staff
  2. Include at least two Cornell community members (preferably from different campus organizations colleges or units) who will serve as leads on the project
  3. Be endorsed by the Belonging at Cornell diversity leads for associated colleges/units
  4. Offer an innovative approach that highlights Cornell’s distinctive strengths and/or addresses gaps in existing programs, whether the project is newly created or related to existing activities
  5. Be inclusive of, or directly addressing, concerns of one or more underrepresented and/or marginalized populations on one or more of Cornell’s campuses.
  6. Be able to demonstrate tangible progress within a one-year timeframe
  7. If the program is ongoing or continuing, the proposal must outline a plan for sustainability including funding streams.