Innovation Grant

Request for Grant Proposals

We are happy to announce that the Presidential Advisors on Diversity & Equity (PADE) invite proposals to support Belonging at Cornell. Belonging at Cornell is a framework designed to continue the progress towards making Cornell a more diverse and inclusive environment. Its mission is to focus our collective efforts on creating a campus community where individuals from diverse backgrounds and life experiences can both contribute and thrive. Priority will be given to proposals that align with clearly stated institution-wide objectives of improving the experience for students, faculty and staff; specifically to foster a sense of belonging, promote fair treatment, and support an increased willingness to recommend Cornell as a great place to be, along with workforce composition and retention metrics. Exciting and innovative proposals that include cross-college/unit collaboration and promise to drive sustained impact to the Cornell community are encouraged.

Proposals must:

  1. Feature a program that enhances the experience of students, faculty and/or staff
  2. Include at least two Cornell community members (preferably from different campus organizations colleges or units) who will serve as leads on the project
  3. Be endorsed by the Belonging at Cornell diversity leads for associated colleges/units
  4. Offer an innovative approach that highlights Cornell’s distinctive strengths and/or addresses gaps in existing programs, whether the project is newly created or related to existing activities
  5. Be inclusive of, or directly addressing, concerns of one or more underrepresented and/or marginalized populations on one or more of Cornell’s campuses.
  6. Be able to demonstrate tangible progress within a one-year timeframe
  7. If the program is ongoing or continuing, the proposal must outline a plan for sustainability including funding streams.

The PADE will allot two grants each up to the amount of $20,000 for the Spring 2021 semester. All Cornell staff, faculty and students are eligible to apply.

Additional terms:

  1. Funding will be awarded in December 2020.
  2. To maximize use of these resources, funding should not be used to hire additional staff and should not pay for internal people’s time.
  3. Funding is not intended to support academic research.
  4. Proposals should identify and fill gaps in current offerings.
  5. Awardees must submit a mid-term progress report and a final report to the Presidential Advisors on Diversity and Equity at the end of the funding period.
  6. Proposals for multi-year funding will be considered. However, requested funds should decrease over the period as the program moves toward sustainability or planned completion.

Cornell community members interested in submitting a proposal should prepare a document no more than five pages in length that includes:

  1. A description of the overall project
  2. The goals of the project, including short-term and long-term impacts highlighting one or more of the Belonging at Cornell metrics the project will influence
  3. Program execution and evaluation strategy
  4. Plans for long-term financial sustainability
  5. Budget and budget justification
  6. Names, titles and college/unit affiliation of program leaders and team members involved
  7. A signed statement indicating endorsement from the relevant BaC lead(s).

Proposals must be submitted to by October 30, 2020.

The Belonging at Cornell grant committee, made up of diversity leads from the colleges/units, will evaluate all proposals and make recommendations to the PADE.  Final selections will be announced in early December.

To view the evaluation rubric for the grant proposals, please click here.

Best regards,

Presidential Advisors on Diversity & Equity (PADE)