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Multiple types of beta cells produce insulin in the pancreas, helping to balance blood sugar levels. Losing a particularly productive type of beta cell may contribute to the development of diabetes, according to a new study by Weill Cornell Medicine investigators.

Rossiter's work changed history and shed light on the many ways women were involved in the advancement of science, as well as how they were pushed out of the field.

An all-day Cornell conference open to the public will help hiring professionals and others learn ways to create a more inclusive workforce – thinking beyond the traditional definitions of that phrase.

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, Goldwin Smith Hall, G22

Nostalgic experiences have a way of extending itself to reshape our personal fantasies and dreams. It can infiltrate our memories to make them a little more exaggerated and not merely as authentic.

, Brian C. Nevin Welcome Center, Lobby

The mission of Cornell Botanic Gardens is to share the deep and enduring connections between the rich diversity of the plant world and the equally rich diversity of cultures worldwide.

, Africana Studies and Research Center

In 2021, a time of social distance, Cornell University Library honored the work of Cornell alumna Toni Morrison and the 50th Anniversary of her novel The Bluest Eye by engaging Cornellians and Ithaca community members in a hands-on quilting project that they could do at home.