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Yerkezhan Abuova ’23 memorialized her grandmothers in a Collegetown mural, painting them surrounded by animals, tulips and waterlilies. She hopes it will comfort viewers who grieve.

The threat of demographic change may alter who white Americans perceive as racial minorities, potentially making more people vulnerable to discrimination, suggests new Cornell psychology research.

A study also revealed that expanded duties, particularly emotional care, resulted in a higher perceived value of the workers’ contributions, which could help boost pay for home care workers.

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January 27–May 5, 2022

This online, part-time, noncredit course is for international scholars, their spouses, students, and other visitors seeking to improve their basic English-language skills.

Soup & Hope is an annual winter series that—for over a dozen years—has served up heart-warming stories of hope during the coldest months at Cornell. Each story is unique, reflecting different cultural, spiritual, and philosophical perspectives and lived experiences.

, The Upstairs Ithaca, Downstairs

Who: Any person, any pole, any wheels. Quad Squad at Cornell is a brand new organization dedicated to spreading the stoke of roller skating and establishing a safe, inclusive environment to explore movement.