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The student group Women Leaders of Color hosts events open to all students and aims to increase representation of women of color in leadership positions across professions.

After his family was forced to flee a government crackdown in Turkey, Florida State University sociologist Azat Gündoğan found a "lifeline" at Cornell as an International Institute of Education’s Scholar Rescue Fund fellow.

A few times a week, songs from Ukraine can be heard coming from a classroom in Goldwin Smith Hall, as Cornell’s Ukrainian program brings the country’s culture to campus through language learning, folk tradition and history.

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, Brian C. Nevin Welcome Center

This display pays homage to the remarkable individuals who nurture and safeguard the rich heritage associated with the plants showcased in “Seeds of Survival and Celebration” exhibition.

, 414 Willard Straight , 414

The arts can be a conduit for unraveling our innermost selves and learning how to express ourselves. Yet for many in the APIDA community, this powerful form of self-expression is often discouraged or devalued as a viable career path or even worthwhile pastime.

, Alice Statler Auditorium

Jermaine Stone, Host of Wine and Hip Hop and Street Somm and Founder of Cru Luv Selections, will be speaking about wine, hip hop, and the intersection of the two. No alcohol will be served.