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Our vibrant and diverse community of scholars consists of 14,907 undergrads, 8,109 graduate and professional students, 1,650 faculty, 8,283 staff. Students hail from all 50 states, 118 countries and more than 100 nationalities.

Quick Facts

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Faculty and Staff, Fall 2017

Group Amount
Faculty 1,650
Academic Staff 1,020
Non-Academic Staff 7,263

Regular and part-time faculty and employees. Staff include non-professorial academic employees (instruction, research, extension, and library) as distinct from non academic employees. Ithaca campus only (includes Cornell Tech).

Student Enrollment, Fall 2017

Group Amount
Undergraduate 14,907
Graduate 5,605
Professional 2,504
Total University 23,016

Student enrollment include all on-campus and off campus registrants and participants in employee degree programs. Students registered as in absentia are not included. Ithaca campus only (includes Cornell Tech). "Professional" schools are Law, Johnson School of Management and the Veterinary School.

Student Gender, Ethnicity and Citizenship, Fall 2017

  Female Male Minority & URM International
Undergraduate 52% 48% 43% 11%
Graduate 45% 55% 17% 47%
Professional 42% 58% 16% 33%

"Minority and URM (underrepresented minority)" includes Asian, Black, Hispanic, American Indian and multi-racial students who are U.S. citizens or legal residents. Ithaca campus only (includes Cornell Tech).

Student Region of Origin, Fall 2016

Region Amount
New York State 25%
Middle States 13%
West 11%
South 8%
New England 8%
Midwest 7%
Southwest 3%
Territories 0%
USA, unknown 2%
International 22%

Includes undergraduate, graduate, and professional students. Ithaca campus only (includes Cornell Tech). Student home region at time of matriculation. "Middle States" region includes Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and Washington D.C.