Undergraduate Students

Students taking a selfie
Undergraduate Life: Stopping for a Selfie

Undergraduate Students

14,453 undergraduates, 49 percent male and 51 percent female. 

More than 39 percent of undergraduate students are foreign nationals, Hispanic Americans, American Indians, African Americans, Asian Americans, or identified themselves in more than one racial/ethnic group.

Office of Academic Diversity Initiatives

The Office of Academic Diversity Initiatives (OADI) was established to ensure that the widest range of life experience, knowledge, creative expression, and original thinking is shared across the breadth of Cornell's students, faculty, staff, and disciplines, particularly by those with backgrounds historically less likely to have been represented on campus. OADI supports the increased presence, academic success, intellectual achievement, and inclusion across all fields of study of those from these under-represented backgrounds at Cornell.

Center for Intercultural Dialogue (6-2-6)

The Intercultural Center at Cornell provides a supportive environment in which all students can share, grow, and explore. Students can discuss issues, engage in cross-cultural communication, and foster cooperation among peers. You'll find open hearts and minds in a place where the doors are always wide open.

Diverse Student Groups

Nearly 1,000 student organizations at Cornell are registered through the Campus Activities office. A searchable database, provides links to organizations that are as diverse as our students. Such organizations provide vibrant and supportive opportunities that promote and nurture student learning, the practice of leadership, social responsibility, interpersonal skill-building and self-awareness through experiential learning.