Toward New Destinations

Open Doors, Open Hearts, and Open Minds: Cornell's Statement on Diversity and Inclusiveness

Toward New Destinations

All world-class academic institutions recognize that research, knowledge production, and intellectual and operational pursuits benefit tremendously from full engagement with diverse points of view coming from varied life experiences and ways of interacting with and interpreting the world. To be on the cutting edge of our fields and practices, Cornell is committed to enhancing our culture to provide for the full participation of all members of our community. Recognizing that historical circumstances and social structures produce imbalances in privilege, power, and opportunity, we know that this work in support not just of access, but of deep participation, is a complex, long-term effort. As an enlightened academic community, we boldly pursue full inclusion as a central component of our values and our approach to each other and the world around us. This initiative, designed to realize the values of diversity and inclusion announced in our statement—Open Doors, Open Hearts, Open Minds—provides the tactical framework that senior leaders, department heads, and the Cornell community can use to achieve the excellence derived from full engagement with diversity.

The Toward New Destinations diversity framework requires that each college and administrative unit annually identify three diversity initiatives in support of four core principles (composition, engagement, inclusion, achievement) for seven constituent groups: undergraduate students, graduate and professional students, postdoctoral associates and academic professionals, staff, faculty, the off-campus community, and the extended Cornell communities of parents, alumni, friends, and donors.  The 2016 TND Institutional Planning Document provides colleges and units with guidance to support development of annual initiatives. The undergraduate Student Assembly has designed a similar initiative for student organizations called United Student Body.

Background information about the Toward New Destinations diversity framework and objectives, a summary of highlights of the 2013-14 TND initiatives and a breakdown of the 2014-15 initiatives is available in the October 2014 Diversity and Inclusion Report "Toward New Destinations."

Members of the Cornell community are welcomed and encouraged to apply for a Toward New Destinations Grant. Individual college/unit diversity councils are encouraged to view the resources on the TND Diversity Council Resources page.

Diversity Initiatives of College and Administrative Units

2015-16 Initiatives

2014-15 Initiatives

2013-14 Initiatives

2012-2013 Initiatives