LASP Seminar: "From Domesticity to Environmentality: Socialist Housing Infrastructures, and the Politics of the Feminine Body in (Late) Socialist Cuba," by Iulia Statica

Uris Hall, 153

This lecture will explore the role of domestic infrastructures in the constitution of gendered subjectivities through the concrete case of Havana. In the contemporary context, the question arises as to how technologies of government directed at socialist housing infrastructure affect the constitution of gendered subjectivities? The paper will explore the implications of this question for the…

LASP Seminar: Defiant Braceros: How Migrant Workers Fought for Racial, Sexual, and Political Freedom, by Mireya Loza

Uris Hall, 153

This talk by Mireya Loza interrogates the private lives of migrant men who participated in the Bracero Program (1942–1964), a binational agreement between the United States and Mexico that allowed hundreds of thousands of Mexican workers to enter this country on temporary work permits. While this program and the issue of temporary workers has long been politicized on both sides of the border,…

LASP: Latin American Studies 2019 Research Symposium

Physical Sciences Building, 401

LASP 2019 Research Symposium

DAY 1--Friday, February 8th, in PSB 401, 3pm-7pm

3:00 PM Panel: Political Economy and Inequality in Latin America with David de Micheli,, vincent Mauro, Gustavo Flores-Macias, and Kyle Harvey

5:00 PM Keynote Speaker: Evelyne Huber, University of North Carolina

6:15 PM Reception

DAY 2--Saturday, February 9th, in PSB 401, 9:30am-5:…

LASP Symposium Keynote Address: Evelyne Huber, University of North Carolina

Physical Sciences Building, 401

Evelyne Huber, Political Science, University of North Carolina

LASP Seminar: "Using Cacao to Catalyze Development: The Case of Cacao in Montes de Maria, Colombia, " by Kalob Williams & Miguel Gomez

Uris Hall, 153

Cacao is a relatively new crop in the previously violence stricken region of Montes de Maria, a mountainous portion of northern Colombia. The crop was introduced commercially to the region in the mid 2000’s as a response to a strand of phytophthora that made their most dominant crop – avocado – decreasingly profitable to produce. Today, over 1,000 smallholder farmers in the region are trying…

LASP Public Issues Forum: "From Hope to Hate: The Rise of Conservative Subjectivity in Brazil" by Rosana Pinheiro, Federal University of Santa Maria, Brazil

A.D. White House, Guerlac Room

Brazilians have recently elected a far-right president, Jair Bolsonaro, a former army captain. The talk introduces the general panorama of Brazilian macro and micro politics from ‘Lula-ism’ to ‘Bolsonaro-ism’, marked respectively by the rise and fall of economic growth as well as by democratic collapse. These changes in national development have also shaped the individual self and the capacity…

LASP Seminar: "Crafting a Republic for the World: Scientific, Geographic, and Historiographic Inventions of Colombia," by Lina del Castillo

Uris Hall, 153

In her talk, Lina del Castillo will examine how an array of nineteenth-century Spanish Americans marshaled in new histories, new sciences, and new geographies that offered radical new ways of understanding the past. She will explore the remarkable creativity and deep engagement with ‘on-the-ground’ realities that allowed these people to craft a republic that they believed the world would seek…

LASP Seminar: "Agroforestry Issues in the Ecuadorian Amazon Region," by Luisa Trujillo

Uris Hall, 153

Agroforestry issues looked at from the prespective of implementing development projects in the Ecuadorian Amazon region.

Latinx Go Global: Race and Identity Abroad

Anna Comstock Hall (Latino Living Center)

Latinx students share their experiences studying in locations across the globe! Q&A with students and study abroad staff.

This event is part of the Latino Living Center's Café con Leche series. Presented by Latina/o/x Student Success Office Latin@'s Thrive Series!

Take Care of You! Mental Health & Self-Care Workshop!

4th Floor Rockefeller Hall Conference Room (429)

Latin@'s Thrive! Take Care Of You!

Self-care workshop facilitated by Catherine Thrasher-Carroll, Director of the Mental Health Promotion Program, Skorton Center for Health Initiatives.

This event is part of the LSSO's Latin@'s Thrive Series supported by the Latina/o Studies Program.