Cornell’s Diversity Leadership Structure

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Cornell’s Diversity Leadership Structure

As a large, decentralized, research-intensive institution that operates on multiple campuses on a global scale, Cornell finds that embedded responsibility under collective leadership guided by professional expertise serves as an effective model for significant and multi-faceted progress across the institution. Having multi-faceted diverse leadership at the center of our efforts is a conscious reflection of how diversity is a source of strength, innovation, and excellence. We use our diversity to achieve diversity.

University Diversity Officers

At the heart of Cornell’s diversity effort are five diversity officers, one each for student affairs, human resources, faculty affairs, undergraduate education, and graduate education. These professionals formulate policy, evaluate progress, identify opportunities and locate areas of concern within their responsibility areas, and work closely together to look at the university as a whole.

These diversity officers are:

Renee Alexander, Associate Dean of Students and Director of Intercultural Programs, Student and Campus Life
Angela C. Winfield, Director of Inclusion and Workforce Diversity, Human Resources
Yael Levitte, Associate Vice Provost for Faculty Development and Diversity, Academic Affairs
A.T. Miller, Associate Vice Provost for Academic Diversity, Undergraduate Education
Sara Xayarath Hernández, Associate Dean for Inclusion and Student Engagement, The Graduate School

University Diversity Council

Responsibility for implementation and accountability for diversity initiatives university wide rests with the University Diversity Council, composed of the President and Provosts, the Director of Institutional Research, the Dean of Students, the diversity officers listed above, and the Vice Presidents and Vice Provosts to whom they report.

  • Barbara A Knuth, Vice Provost and Dean of the Graduate School [Sara Xayarath Hernández]
  • Ryan Lombardi, Vice President for Student and Campus Life [Renee Alexander]
  • Mary Opperman, Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer [Angela Winfield]
  • John Siliciano, Deputy Provost [Yael Levitte]
  • Rebecca Stoltzfus, Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education [A.T. Miller]
  • Marin Clarkberg, Director of Institutional Research

At Weill Cornell Medicine, Interim Provost Augustine M.K. Choi is supported in diversity planning by the members of the University Diversity Council who lead the Office of Faculty Diversity in Medicine and Science as Associate Deans of Faculty Diversity:

  • Dr. Rache Simmons, Associate Dean, Faculty Diversity
  • Dr. Linnie M. Golightly, Associate Dean, Faculty Diversity

College and Unit Diversity Leads

In addition, each college and many units around campus have their own diversity offices and professionals, who are regularly consulted with and convened by the five university diversity officers. All federal, state and local compliance issues are handled in HR by Angela Winfield.

Shared Governance at Cornell

The University Assemblies and their related committees ensure that all members of the Cornell community have a voice in the administration of the University. They are established to serve as vehicles of communication between the administration of the university and broader campus community affected by the institutions practices and policies. At Cornell, there are five assemblies: constituent assemblies that represent the four major campus constituencies — undergraduate students, graduate & professional students, faculty, and staff — and a University Assembly in which all constituencies are represented.