Leadership at Cornell

Cornell's leadership in diversity & inclusion joins experts with varied scope and authority across the university.

Leadership is managed through the University Diversity Council with substantial support from the University Diversity Officers and the college and unit diversity leads.  Diversity leaders use a framework for collaboration and decision making in order to initiate the policies and strategies that support Cornell's diversity mission, "Open Doors, Open Hearts, Open Minds."

University Diversity Council

The University Diversity Council is responsible for the implementation and accountability for diversity initiatives university-wide.

University Diversity Officers

The university diversity officers formulate policy, evaluate progress, and identify the opportunities and challenges the university addresses.  Four diversity officers collaborate to provide leadership in the following areas.  Find your college or unit diversity officer here.

  • Student affairs 
  • Faculty affairs 
  • Staff and human resources 
  • Graduate and professional education

College and Unit Leadership

Each of Cornell's colleges and many organizational units have embedded diversity offices and professionals who regularly inform and collaborate with the central University Diversity Officers.  For more information visit college-maintained websites.

Some colleges and units maintain their own diversity councils.  Diversity council resources are maintained by the university diversity officers to support the work of college/unit leaders.